“I have been coming to see Jennifer for the last six months. The time spent has been absolutely amazing. I have seen many other therapists and Jennifer’s work is second to none.  She is professional, knowledgable, and a pleasure to work with. I love Jennifer because she’s never made me feel like ‘just another’ client. Any questions I have are explained, and I love the ‘homework’ she gives me between sessions. I look forward to every appointment. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself!”

Beth L., Oakley, CA

“I was one of the first clients of Jennifer’s for a couple of months before she moved away. I loved the work Jennifer did with me. She helped me relieve built up stress I had that was giving me trouble falling asleep at night. Once I got on her table I felt relaxed and in a stress free environment.  The energy work she performed on me led me to cry (in a good way, no pain) during the session. I felt like I had a huge weight taken off my chest, and felt very relaxed. Move back to San Diego so I can get more work done!”

Jason K., San Diego, CA

“My job requires standing and walking for hours on end, so my body is usually overdo for some TLC . Though I’ve always enjoyed the occasional massage, I never knew that the benefits lasted longer than the time I spent on the table until I met Jennifer. Jen is the most attentive, knowledgable therapist I have ever worked with. Not only does she help relieve pain and stress, but she honestly cares about my well being. She explains why she is using each technique, and teaches me exercises I can do to help prevent damaging my body in the future. Because of Jennifer, my ‘occasional massage’ has become a weekly necessity to help keep me happy and healthy!”

Marc L., Concord, CA


“I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer for several months before she moved back to my home turf in northern california. I was never big on getting massages, but Jennifer highly changed my opinion. One day I was struggling to get through my day at work due to pain in my neck. I had stiffness and major loss of the range of motion. Jen gave me a quick chair massage, which immediately gave me some relief! She offered to come to my house to do some more work so that we could really help correct the problem. I was hesitant being that I was not too familiar with massage, plus I had just had a spinal fusion surgery a few months prior and was worried about anyone going near my back! Not only did the work that Jen did relieve my neck pain and give me back my range of motion, but I felt healing effects in my lumbar spine (where I had surgery), as well! I really appreciated the time Jen took with me. It was unlike any massage I had ever had, and I still am looking for someone to match Jen’s expertise and ability to sense what is going on with the body. She didn’t just give me a rub down while I took a nap. She helped me with my breathing to get into a relaxed state and prepared me for the work she was doing with my muscles and underlying tissues. And I absolutely LOVE the energy work that she did with me during the massage. It was a truly healing experience for me and has encouraged me to do more body work to increase my flexibility, energy, and range of motion. Jen is one of the most patient, knowledgable people that I have ever met. She has a deep understanding of the body and all the ways it is connected, and that knowledge shines through in all that she does! Although I wish Jennifer still lived in San Diego so she could work on me regularly, I look forward to seeing her for my northern California wedding so I can get some good energy work done, and relieve some of the built up wedding planning stress. Thanks Jen! Can’t wait to see you again soon!”

Jessica M., San Diego, CA


“Jen has been a dear friend of mine for five years now. I have had her do body work on me several times and I can honestly say her practice has grown from a novice to beyond professional. Her natural ability had been clear since the beginning but the last work she did transcended all the past experience she has gained. Jen had several options of oil for me to chose from along with the knowledge of which ones would best serve me in my healing experience. The 60 minute massage felt like a 90 to 120 minute because of the detail and care she puts into her work. Jen knows how to be gentle but show power when it is needed or asked for. I will continue visit Jen for future healing and suggest her to anyone seeking body work.”

Cameron C., Richmond, CA

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