Massage Modalities


Therapeutic Massage: Therapeutic massage is a light to medium pressure form of massage that promotes relaxation throughout the entire body. Breathing meditation is emphasized in the opening, middle and closing of each session for a more meditative and spiritual experience. Therapeutic massage primarily uses slow and long strokes throughout the session. Oil and/or lotion will be used on the skin to help promote circulation within the body. Singing bowls, grounding techniques, and energy work, such as CranioSacral Therapy and Jin Shin Acutouch, may be applied during the session for an even deeper state of unwinding. An abdominal massage is included for a true full-body experience (always optional). Therapeutic massage is a well-suited choice for all clients that are seeking more relaxation in their lives with a meditative approach.

Swedish Massage: Swedish massage is one of the most popular forms of massage therapy. In this technique, pressure ranging from light to deep is applied to provide relaxation to the entire body, as well as addressing focus areas based on the client’s needs. Swedish is a wonderful blend of Therapeutic and Deep Tissue massage.  Oil and/or lotion is used in this modality to help promote circulation and tonicity of the skin. Swedish massage is suitable for any client looking to invite more relaxation into their lives with an emphasis on addressing areas of the body that may need additional attention. *Deep pressure option available*

Deep Tissue Sculpting: Deep Tissue Sculpting (DTS) is a form of massage therapy that applies deep pressure along the musculoskeletal system to release and relax adhesions within the muscle bellies and tendons. Patience is the key to the success of DTS. Deep Tissue Sculpting works best without the use of oil or lotion. The added friction allows the therapist to access the client’s level of “delicious discomfort” without sliding along the skin. Deep breathing allows fresh oxygenated blood to enter the addressed areas to break up muscular adhesions, restore blood flow, and relax the tissue. Deep Tissue Sculpting is wonderful for helping clients with chronic muscle tension areas, injuries, disorders, structural alignments, tension due to physical and emotional stress.

Jin Shin Acutouch: Jin Shin Acutouch is an eastern energetic form of massage therapy that restores imbalanced energy throughout the body. The practitioner applies both hands on specific meridian points along the body while using light pressure in a controlled flow. Imbalanced energy in the body may cause unexplained conditions such as headaches, gastrointestinal problems, loss of spirit and energy, and depression, amongst others. Jin Shin Acutouch will promote the proper flow of energy in the body using the appropriate flow formula based on the client’s complaint(s).

CranioSacral Therapy: CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a form of massage therapy that utilizes gentle touch to access deep levels of embodied physical and/or emotional trauma. Our bodies operate in a rhythmic pattern and when the flow is inhibited it may cause dis-ease in the body and mind. CranioSacral Therapy reorganizes the connection with the brain and body via the cerebral spinal fluid. Through CST, a client may experience a subtle yet transformative healing process within the central nervous system as it unwinds, realigns, and regenerates. The power to heal is contained within ourselves and CST is a form of alternative therapy that can provide a safe and nurturing environment to aide us on our individual journeys.